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The shopping centre Sello is situated at the intersection of busy car and rail traffic in the western metropolitan area. Welcome to the shopping centre Sello!


Sello is situated at Leppävaara at Espoo, accessible through great public transport connections. The shopping centre is situated right next to the bus terminal and the train station. Route information to the shopping centre Sello can be found at the following website

Bus terminal and railway station
The bus terminal and the railway station are situated between Vanha Turuntie and Sello. The bus terminal is accessible through the northern end of the shopping centre. Check the location of departure platforms of the Leppävaara bus terminal and railway station.


Sello is easily accessible by car, for example by Turku highway or Orbital Motorway I and II. Orbital Motorway I, approaching from the East: before the Turuntie junction, choose the second lane from the right and follow the signs for Etelä-Leppävaara. Orbital Motorway I, approaching from the West: take the right lane and follow the signs for Etelä-Leppävaara


There are altogether 2900 free 5-hour parking spots available at Sello’s car parks; some of which are situated underneath the shopping centre, and some at Sello’s rooftop car park. Some parking spots are reserved for patrons also at Sellopark. In addition, patrons have spots available at commuter parking areas (fees apply). More information about commuter parking here>


  • The car park below Sello is accessible from Leppävaarankatu and Ratsukatu.

  • The Sello rooftop park is accessible from the spiral on Leppävaarankatu.

  • Sellopark is available from the Hevosenkenkä (situated between the Panorama Tower and the shopping centre), or from the inside of the shopping centre.

  • Commuter parking is accessible from Ratsukatu or from the inside of the shopping centre.

The opening times of car parks

The car park below Sello             
Mon-Sat 7.30-24.00
Sun 9.30-24.00

Rooftop car park
Mon-Fri 7.20-21.00
Sat 7.30-18.30
Sun 11.30-18.00

Mon-Sat 7.30-21.00
Sun 9.30-18.00

Commuter car park
Available for Sello’s patrons on weekdays after 16, and on weekends. More information here.

Car park vehicle height limits:
Rooftop car park: the maximum permitted height for vehicles is 2.7 m.
The car park below Sello, as well as Sellopark: 2.3 m.
Commuter parking 2.2 m

For higher vehicles, there are individual outdoor parking places available on Leppävaarankatu, for example; which is situated in close proximity to the shopping centre.

Car park monitoring
Free parking is available at Sello for up to 5 hours. Car parks are monitored automatically with sensors. The fee for exceeding the parking time is 40 €. The monitoring is managed by Securitas Oy.


The shopping centre Sello is also easily accessible by bike. There are bike parks in the station tunnel, in front of the Fennia restaurant and in front of Kiinteistömaailma, for example. There are several hundred bike parks in the vicinity of the shopping centre. These bike parks are managed by the City of Espoo.


The taxi stand is situated near the train station, in front of platform 1. The phone number of the taxi centre is 0100 7300.

Sello is situated at the following address:
Leppävaarankatu 3-9, 02600 Espoo.


Sello Shopping Mall

Just 12 minutes from center of Helsinki