sello kulkuyhteydet

Parking and public transport

The Sello Shopping Centre is centrally located at the intersection of a busy motorway and train traffic in the west of the capital region. Welcome to Sello for shopping and leisure!

Public transport

Sello is in Leppävaara, Espoo, and has excellent public transport connections. The shopping centre is directly adjacent to the bus terminal and railway station. Sello is in the HSL Zone B.
Public transport directions to Sello.

Bus terminal and railway station

The bus terminal and railway station are between the Vanha Turuntie road and Sello. You can access the bus terminal from the northern end of the shopping centre.

Locations of the departure bus stops and train platforms (in Finnish).

Soon, you’ll be able to come to Sello via Light Rail

By car

You can easily drive to Sello via the Turku motorway and Ring I and II. Follow signs for Etelä-Leppävaara and park and ride (liityntäpysäköinti).

The Sello car parks have a total of 2,900 parking spaces, some under the shopping centre and some on the roof. The car parks also have spaces for people with reduced mobility and for motorbikes. In addition, the underground car park has 15-minute spaces.

You can park for free in Sello for three hours per day per car. The underground car park has 48 electric car charging spaces, which are in aisle L. There is also park and ride parking underground. Customers of the Sello Shopping Centre can also park in the Selloparkki car park.

Two hours’ extra parking for Finnkino, Sellosali and Elixia customers

Customers of Finnkino, Sellosali and Elixia get two extra hours’ free parking. That means they can park in Sello for five hours for free! Ask the Elixia, Sellosali and Finnkino staff for more information about free extra parking hours. To claim your free extra parking hours, you need to know your registration plate.

Please note that different parking restrictions apply to different types of vehicles.

Sello also offers GreenMobility 100% electric shared cars. They are parked in aisle L of the Sello underground car park. Downloading and registering on the GreenMobility app is completely free, and the app is available in all app stores. You only pay for use of the car. You can choose either to drive using a normal minute price, by downloading minutes in advance to your account, or by choosing a cheap hourly or daily package. Service, parking, electricity and insurance are included in the price. Charging the car during or at the end of your trip is free at all Helen and Virta charging stations in Finland. Only use the Helen charging card provided in the car.

Car park opening hours and directions

Sello underground car park
Monday–Sunday 05.45–00.00

You can drive into the Sello underground car park from Leppävaarankatu and Ratsukatu. The maximum height clearance for the underground car park is 2.3 m.

Rooftop parking
Monday–Friday 07.20–21.30
Saturday 07.20–20.30
Sunday 10.30–18.30
Access the rooftop car park via the spiral from Leppävaarankatu. The maximum height clearance for the rooftop car park is 2.7 m.

Selloparkki car park
Monday–Sunday 06.00–00.00
Access the Selloparkki car park from Hevosenkenkä (between Panorama Tower and the shopping centre) or inside the shopping centre. The maximum height clearance for Selloparkki is 2.3 m.

Underground park-and-ride car park
Open to Sello customers after 16.00 on weekdays and all day at weekends.
Access the park-and-ride car park from Ratsukatu or from inside the shopping centre. The maximum height clearance for the park and ride car park is 2.2 m.

For higher vehicles, there are individual car parking spaces nearby on Leppävaarankatu, for example.

Exit from the hypermarket level to the car park until 24.00. The passage from the Leisure Centre to the car park closes around 30 minutes after the end of the last film screening.
You can drive out of the car park after the last film screening.

By bicycle

Getting to Sello by bicycle is easy, too. There is bicycle parking in the station tunnel and in front of the 4Chiefs Saloon restaurant, as well as in front of the library on Viaporintori. There are hundreds of bicycle parking spaces near the shopping centre, managed by the city of Espoo.

By taxi

The closest taxi ranks are on Leppävaarankatu, Ratsukuja and Läkkisepänkuja. The taxi dispatch centre’s number is 0100 7300. Sello’s address is: Leppävaarankatu 3-9, 02600 Espoo.

There are also taxi pick-up points in the underground car park near the foyer under the hypermarkets, near the foyer with the shoemaker, and in front of the Hotel Glo. Disabled taxis can also drop off and pick up customers in front of the pharmacy on Viaporintori.

Service traffic

Sello has two service yards: Huolto 1 and Huolto 2.

Huolto 1 is primarily intended for the service traffic of the hypermarkets and shops on Viaporintori.
This service yard is accessed from the station side on Linnatullinkatu.

Service yard 2 is primarily intended for boutiques in Sello.
This service yard is accessed from Hevosenkenkä 4, 02600 Espoo. Hevosenkenkä 4 is at the Kehä I end.
The entrance is at the Selloparkki car park end.