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Clear Channel offers the best promotion locations on the Sellonaukio indoor square, in a central location in the Sello Shopping Centre. Promotions offer you a connection with your target audiences in their own media environment. They encourage them to make impulse buys, activate them and remind them of you. Studies show that people make around 80% of purchasing decisions on the spot. Use product presentations, free samples and launches to add extra power to your campaigns. You can rent all of Sellonaukio or one promotional location at a time.

The promotional locations are on Sellonaukio.

Promootiopaikat Sellossa
Promotional locations

Location 1 -> €800
Location 2 -> €800
Locations 1+2 -> €1,400

VAT is added to prices.

Promotion location inquiries and reservations, commercial promotion events:

Clear Channel / Promotions
[email protected]
Tel. 020 731 2058 (standard charges apply)

Include a short description of your promotion in your email.

The square is intended solely for promotional use. Sello does not rent seasonal sales spots.

Business premise inquiries

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We offer businesses excellent conditions for successful operations. Sello’s broad selection of commercial and cultural services next to easy transport links ensures strong customer flows.

Pleasant, functional premises, a strong and united business owner environment and the image of the Nordic countries’ second-largest shopping centre help all the businesses in Sello to succeed.

Sello does not rent seasonal sales spots.
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