Sello Shopping Centre Espoo, Finland

Sello is one of the largest and most popular shopping centres in the Nordics. Over 170 stores, including more than 30 restaurants are ready to serve you. We are located in Espoo, 12 minutes by train from downtown Helsinki, Finland.
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Open today Fri 20.5.

Hypermarkets 6/7-22/24 Specialty stores 10-20/21 Leisure centre 8-00

General opening hours of the shopping centre

Mon-Fri 6/7-22/24
Sat 6/7-21/24
Sun 6/10-21/24
Specialty stores
Mon-Fri 10-20/21
Sat 10-19/20
Sun 11/12-17/18
Leisure centre
Mon-Sat 8-00
Sun 10-00

Parking opening hours

The car park underneath sello
Mon-Sun 5.45-00
Sello car park
Mon-Sun 6.00-00
Rooftop car park
Mon-Fri 7.20-21.30
Sat 7.20-20.30
Sun 10.30-18.30

Exceptional opening hours

Specialty stores
Specialty stores
Specialty stores