Recycling facilities in Sello

We want to make our customers’ lives easier, including when they recycle.

The Sello Shopping Centre has numerous recycling and waste sorting facilities for customers. We are one of the largest recycling sites in Espoo.


The Sello bottle return centre is on the level beneath Prisma and K-Citymarket, on floor P1. You can also recycle bottles and cans from Alko in these bottle return machines. You must return Lidle bottles at Lidl. It is on the 1st floor of the Sello Leisure Centre.


The Sello Ecopoint is directly next to the bottle return machines in the underground car park.
Next to the Ecopoint, the R aisle of the car park has 30-minute parking spaces for short-term parking while using this recycling facility.

At the Ecopoint, you can recycle:


  • newspapers and magazines
  • advertisements and brochures
  • coloured paper
  • envelopes
  • recycled paper

The following may not be placed in the paper container:

  • disposable dishes
  • carbonless copy paper
  • copy paper wrappers
  • cardboard and carton
  • gift wrap
  • paper containing sensitive information
  • plastic

Domestic empty, clean, dry, flattened carton packaging packed within each other:

  • corrugated cardboard boxes
  • carton packaging, e.g., milk and juice cartons
  • carton processed food packaging, e.g., cereal and biscuit boxes
  • paper bags
  • pizza boxes, egg cartons
  • disposable dishes made of carton
  • toilet and kitchen towel rolls
  • wrappers, e.g. copy paper wrappers
  • carton drink multipack packages, e.g. six packs and cases

The following may not be placed in the carton container:

  • plastic: e.g., plastic bags and wrappers, polystyrene, bubble wrap


  • empty glass bottles without caps, e.g. non-refundable drink bottles
  • empty glass jars without lids, e.g. jam jars, spice jars

The following may not be placed in the glass container:

  • vials and phials
  • porcelain or ceramics
  • glass homewares, e.g., water glasses, oven dishes, coffee pots, pot and pan lids
  • crystal or opal glass, e.g. in some cosmetics packaging or decorative items
  • window or mirror glass
  • light bulbs and lamps

Domestic empty, clean and dry plastic packaging:

  • plastic food packaging, such as yoghurt pots, butter tubs and cold cut, cheese and ready meal packaging
  • shower gel, shampoo and soap bottles
  • plastic bottles, canisters and jars, preferably flattened
  • plastic bags and wrappers

The following may not be placed in the plastic container:

  • dirty plastic packaging or general waste
  • PVC packaging
  • other plastic products or businesses’ plastic packaging

Domestic empty, clean and dry metal packaging

  • tins, non-refundable drink cans
  • metal lids and caps
  • aluminium dishes, foil and lids

Of small metal objects:

  • saucepans, frying pans, cutlery
  • scissors, nails, hinges, etc.
  • aluminium tea-light cups

The Ecopoint is intended for small domestic packaging waste. Large objects will clog up the Ecopoint. You can dispose of large objects at a Sortti station. Read more about Sortti stations.



The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre has two drop-off points in Sello. They are on the car park level beneath the hypermarkets, next to the bottle return machines.

At these drop-off points, you can recycle small domestic items, textiles and clothes that are reusable, intact and clean. The recycling drop-off points are open the same hours as the car park.


The following are examples of what is suitable for recycling

  • All kinds of dishes, saucepans and cutlery
  • Decorations and interior design products
  • Toys and books
  • Materials and goods suitable for handicrafts and hobbies
  • Small sporting goods, e.g., skates, dumbbells, balls, badminton and tennis rackets
  • Clocks and small lamps

Bring the things you are recycling to the drop-off point in a bag and drop them off as they are. Wrap fragile goods in newspaper or other protective wrapping. At the drop-off point, put the items on the tray in front of the drop-off point and place the tray on the conveyor belt into the collection hatch. Don’t overload the tray. Use several trays if necessary.

When the goods are on the tray, carefully push the tray into the hatch to start it rolling. You can put an item or package with maximum dimensions of 30 cm x 46 cm x 40 cm (width x depth x height) into the drop-off hatch.


At the drop-off point, you can recycle reusable, intact and clean items.

Some examples of what you can recycle

  • Accessories, e.g. belts, bags, jewellery, hats and shoes
  • All kinds of clothes, e.g. jackets, dresses, shirts, outdoor wear
  • Curtains, bedlinen, throws
  • Tablecloths, towels, potholders and oven gloves

You can bring the things you are recycling to the drop-off point in a bag. The maximum size of item or package that the hatch accepts is 35 cm x 35 cm.

Thank you for recycling. Your donation is a little good deed for the environment!



The HSY waste textile drop-off point is under the hypermarkets on level P1, next to the bottle return machines. Pack the waste textiles in a plastic bag, for example, and close tightly.

At the waste textile drop-off point, you can recycle:

  • dry and clean clothes
  • dry and clean towels, sheets and tablecloths

Please do not bring the following to the waste textile drop-off point:

  • underwear or socks
  • carpets, blankets or pillows
  • shoes, bags or belts
  • damp, mouldy, strongly odorous or insect-ridden textiles Dispose of all of these in general waste.

The drop-off point is open the same hours as the car park.


The small domestic appliance drop-off point is under the hypermarkets on level P1, next to the bottle return machines.

At the small domestic appliance drop-off point, you can drop off the following:

  • ink cartridges
  • mobile phones
  • small electronic devices (e.g. electric toothbrushes, hair dryers)
  • fluorescent lamps
  • electroluminescent and LED light bulbs
  • non-rechargeable batteries and small batteries

The drop-off point is open the same hours as the car park.

Let’s be number one together in recycling!

Dispose of medicines and needles in the pharmacy.

You cannot dispose of dangerous domestic waste, such as large batteries, paint or chemicals, in Sello. The nearest dangerous waste drop-off points are:

Shell Konala, Ristipellontie 18, 00390 Helsinki
HSY drop-off point (Espoo Reuse Centre), Kutojantie 3, 02630 Espoo