Privacy Statement

This page contains the Privacy Statement for the Sello Shopping Centre website.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is intended to protect everyone’s privacy, which is something we respect at Sello. Below, you can read our website’s updated Privacy Statement.

1. Register controller, contact details and contact person

Register name: Sello Shopping Centre
Company name: Kauppakeskus Sellon Yrittäjäyhdistys ry
Company postal address: Leppävaarankatu 3–9
Company post code: 02600
Company post town: Espoo
Company business ID: 1824013-3
Email for register inquiries: [email protected]

2. Register processors

The following parties, who have credentials entitling them to data processing, process the register:
•    feedback: register controller, staff of the Sello Shopping Centre office
•    visitor data gathered through cookies: register controller, staff of the Sello Shopping Centre office and website service provider Karhu Helsinki.

3. Purpose of processing the personal data in the register

The Sello Shopping Centre processes and uses the data of people who have provided their contact data by submitting feedback to manage customer relationships, provide services, maintain services and contact customers.
Cookies allow us to identify the browser of a visitor to the site and use the information we thus receive to count the browsers visiting our website and to analyse the use of our website, such as for statistical monitoring. The data are also used for customer analysis and profiling as well as for targeting of marketing and advertising with the help of profiling (re-marketing).

4. Acquisition of information in the register

Personal data are accrued when feedback is submitted to the shopping centre.
Browsers’ IP addresses are gathered with the aid of cookies.
The organization, Kauppakeskus Sellon Yrittäjäyhdistys ry, does not use any external registers to expand its register.

5. Persons, groups and related information and categories of data to be registered

Customers can submit feedback to the shopping centre on the Sello website. When they give feedback, they are asked to voluntarily submit their name and email address if they wish to receive a response. Feedback may also be submitted anonymously and without contact details.

With the help of cookies used on the website, browser IP addresses, which are classified as personal data, are gathered from visitors to the website. All data gathered using cookies is anonymous, nor can actions performed on the internet be linked with the help of the data to other personal data. You can read more about cookies and disabling them here.

6. Disclosure of registration data

Contact details of feedback submissions are not disclosed to third parties for marketing purposes. If processing of the matter contained in the feedback requires action or responses from parties outside Sello, disclosure of the data is agreed separately with the author of the feedback.
Browser data acquired through cookies is not disclosed to third parties either. A dedicated data protection agreement has been concluded with the website service provider.
Data are disclosed solely in a manner permitted and required by the legislation in force at the time to parties with a statutory right to receive data from the register.

7. Disclosure of register data outside the European Union or European Economic Area

The organization, Kauppakeskus Sellon Yrittäjäyhdistys ry, does not disclose data outside the European Union or European Economic Area and ensures by means of a dedicated data processing agreement that the service provider does not either.

8. Register protection principles

Data in electronic mode is stored in an information system which uses both technical and programmatic means to ensure data security and oversight of data use. Access to data is delimited to employees of the Sello Shopping Centre and the service provider to the extent that their duties require. All people using the register data are bound by a non-disclosure obligation.

9. Retention time and destruction of register data

Any personal data which may be submitted in feedback is deleted from emails as soon as processing of the feedback has been brought to a conclusion.

10. Right of inspection and prohibition

Data subjects have the right to inspect personal data stored in the personal data register concerning themselves as well as the right to demand rectification and erasure of data. In other regards, requests for inspection and rectification must be submitted in person or in writing to the contact person in section 1. Data subjects have the right pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (as of 25 May 2018) to object to or request restriction of processing of their data as well as to make a complaint about the processing of their personal data to the Data Protection Ombudsman.
Most internet browsers approve cookies automatically, but users may choose to modify their browser settings and at any time disable cookies. Users can avoid cookies by modifying the settings of the browser they use and prohibiting their use.